Our Flake Salt

Our Carolina Flake Sea Salt has been making waves in local kitchens for over a year now. Today we're harvesting batch 78.

We believe our salt only gets better with each batch as we continue to improve our technique. Many large flake salt makers filter sea water into big metal tanks using heat to evaporate all excess water until flakes appear on the surface of the water, then harvest the flakes. 


We use solar evaporation to concentrate our sea water until it has almost three pounds of salt per gallon of water. Once the salt water is super saturated and starts to form crystals we filter it one final time and transfer it to a non-reactive pot. One of the many reasons Carolina Flake is remarkable is because this pot prevents metal ions from transferring a bitter metal aftertaste to the delicate flakes. 

At this point, it doesn't take much more energy to finish growing crystals, in the summer we can form the flakes under our solar tunnel and in the cooler months we finish them up on a hotplate. 

Flake salt is thinner and larger than regular salt crystals resulting in more surface area which gives a quick pop of saltiness. There is less moisture in flake style salts which makes it a perfect finishing salt with a satisfying crunch that highlights the complex flavors of your favorite kitchen creation.

Go ahead, pinch it!