Lean + Meadow

About three weeks ago we had the pleasure of meeting Lean Timms, a photographer currently living in Jacksonville, FL. She was visiting Charleston to photograph several portraits and features, and made the ride out to McClellanville to hang. There are tons of great photos on her post and a wonderful write up, but we wanted to share a couple and an excerpt. Enjoy and click the link to read the full post: http://www.leanandmeadow.com/journal/bulls-bay-saltworks

“Lately, I have been finding that more and more I am enjoying the times where I get to see and photograph food in its most natural, basic state. I love learning where it comes from, how it is made and then I love getting excited about how I can turn it into something delicious for the dinner table. Not only is the process and the story such an invigorating part, but the people, like Teresa and Rustin, who make their life's work about producing innovative, quality, and natural products from the land - and sea - is what pulls at my heart strings most.  It gives me goosebumps. It leaves me curious, thankful and wanting to learn more.”