The Oaxacan

The Oaxacan

Last month we started a little series on cocktails to introduce our salt into the world of mixology. As you may have read in the first post, we asked a handful of bartenders and cocktail experts to work up some recipes for our bourbon-smoked flake, but we've been pretty excited about our Carolina Flake in the Made in the South awards, so we're using it in this recipe! Without further ado...Our second post!

Mick Matricciano is second up on the blog. After working several bars in downtown Charleston, including The Gin Joint, the Belmont, and the bar at the Ordinary, he decided to focus full time on his own project. He and his friends Brandon Wogamon and Matthew Fendley started up Cannonborough Beverage Co. crafting small batch sodas using fresh produce and natural sweeteners. You can find them on tap at restaurants all around Charleston and also at the CHS Farmers market in Marion Square. Be sure to swing by and give them all a high five if you visit!



1.5 quality Mezcal
.75 Averna
.75 Carpano
6 drops saline*


Yes, we're putting our salt back into the water for this recipe! Dissolve 1 tablespoon of salt in 5 ounces of water.


Stir and strain over ice, finish with flamed orange twist (or regular orange twist if that's too fancy)

Notes from Mick

First off the saline. It's 1 to 10 (salt to water) it's a great thing to have around for cocktails. Basically sodium acts as a flavor inhibitor for bitterness when used in small quantities. I figured it would be really cool to use an amaro so you could actually get way more depth out of the drink. In this case, I picked a Mezcal (smoky and rich) and paired it with Averna (bitter toasted nuts and chocolate) and sweet vermouth. Normally the ratio I gave you would be wayyy too bitter (heavy on the Averna) but with a little salt water, you'll get way more complexity and a perfect balance.

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