We harvest our salt sustainably from Bulls Bay

On May 31, 2012 Bulls Bay Saltworks became the first operational salt company in South Carolina since the Civil War, when the USS James Chambers destroyed the final saltern at Palmetto Point Bulls Bay on February 25, 1865.

If you spend any time in the Charleston area, you will have already noticed the distinctive regional taste that we’re all about, it’s in the air. For us, it might have started with eating Bulls Bay oysters, could have been from a walk around Lighthouse Island helping the Turtle Crew one day, or maybe from just hanging around at The Battery. Somehow, the salt, our salt, your salt, Charleston salt, made an impression that insisted on finding a way into the kitchen. 

One of the first experimental batches of salt was produced during a 12-hour long hog roast at our home. Lots of heat and extra room in the smoker also led to the first batch of our Smoked Sea Salt.  

As friends stood around at the potluck, much of the talk was about the salt! A favorite moment was looking over to see one woman, with her elbows on the (then cooled) smoker, just eating pork off the bone with a bit of salt sprinkled on.

Bulls Bay Saltworks has grown over the years and we have added additional property and new greenhouses! Our team is still very small and every stage of salt production and packaging is done by hand, on site. We thrive on collaborations with other local businesses to create unique products like our Red Mash Sea Salt and Bourbon Barrel Smoked Flake.

We’re downtown a lot, supporting local businesses and squeezing in time at the beach. If ya'll see us around, we'd love it if you wave and say hi! 

Teresa Smithmyer

It all begins with the saltwater. We believe we are harvesting from the cleanest water on the eastern seaboard, filtered by the tastiest bi-valves! Bulls Bay is located in Cape Romain National Wildlife Refuge, which contains a Class One Wilderness Area and is home to one of the healthiest saltwater ecosystems and known for its acclaimed oyster clusters, clams and other seafood.

This outstanding water collection site salt allows us to produce a unique salt with natural purity & distinctive taste.


On our home property, we evaporate water in a big greenhouse that we call the solar tunnel. Our salt is crystalized using solar and wind evaporation, harvested by hand and set aside to complete the drying stage.

Crafting salt from an extremely clean water, using solar evaporation & filtering techniques allow us to offer a premium southern made sea salt.

Our Goal

We are passionate about offering a domestic sea salt sourced from the cleanest resources possible while maintaining a minimal carbon footprint. Our exclusive line of products are hand harvested in small batches and evaporated using solar energy. 

We carefully craft each unique batch of salt tending to the smallest details from monitoring tides and rainfalls to utilizing

basic chemistry to ensure our finished products are pure and maintain the best flavor, void of bitter magnesium salts. 

We invite you to indulge in ocean fresh sea salt from the pristine waters of Bulls Bay, a national treasure located just minutes north of Charleston.