1,000 year flood and water quality

We are committed to sourcing exceptionally clean water to make Bulls Bay Sea Salt because we would never compromise our health or yours by substituting quality for quantity. When the forecast is heavy rain, we often head out and collect water before the rain arrives. So that's just what we did in the last week of September with whispers of Hurricane Joaquin looming. 

Our property is not located in a flood zone and with our entire operation off the ground, we were lucky to not be concerned with rising rainwater and its associated contaminates, (lead & oil from roadways, pesticides and pollutants from lawns) infecting our wholesome water.  

This morning we harvested over 225 pounds of pristine sea salt and while we still have plenty of water from two weeks ago, we went ahead and called DHEC for an update on our harvesting area.

Bulls Bay is located in "shellfish growing area 7", shellfish are very sensitive to pollutants and as a result, all shellfish growing areas in SC have been closed since Oct. 3 due to the extreme runoff from our 1,000 year flood. Bulls Bay is buffered by the huge green swath of the Francis Marion National Forest that is visible on the SC map. We are fortunate that there is a very limited amount of development in this region and the natural environment will do its job to clean up quickly.

Shellfish are an excellent indicator species for the health of an ecosystem and so it only makes sense for us to monitor Bulls Bays water quality through DEHEC. We're excited to announce that the water in our testing area will be analyzed at the end of this week.  

Our thoughts are with all of our SC neighbors, especially the ones who continue to experience flooding this week. 


Teresa, Rustin and Yuka