The Salt Geeks

There is a tremendous amount to learn about salt, the rich and long history, scientific properties and many, many uses. Today we offer tidbits about two by-products of our salt harvesting process that are collected as we strive to remove the salts would effect the final taste or weight/volume of Bulls Bay Sea Salt; Calcium and magnesium sulfates.

Calcium Sulfate is perfectly okay to eat, it just doesn't have much of a taste and if anything might resemble a chalky flavor but it does take up unnecessary space in the jar of salt! It has numerous other uses though! 

Magnesium Sulfate is also okay to ingest and has other applications but tastes so bitter that just a tiny lick of a magnesium sulfate crystal will leave you looking for a glass of water immediately. The large crystals of MgO4S are much prettier to look at than to taste mixed into your sea salt. 

We've learned that by removing the Calcium and Magnesium Sulfates as our saltwater is evaporating, our final product is exquisitely pure and natural. Go ahead and indulge in the most pristine sea salt available!